Friday, January 23, 2009

M-League Is Not Football, But It Might Be Petanque

We guessed it right; the Malaysia vs. UAE match is one prime example of good attacking football, five goals scored in total. Definitely the lads played it as the gaffer wished, all-out offensive. Our potent strikers have shown their acute goal-scoring sense, yes?

But wait, a quick look on the goal scorer list did not mention any of our Harimau Malaya squad. So it is the same chapter again, the gaffer said we are going on the offensive, and UAE surely thanks us for that as they net five against nothing.

The Ministry is not amazed by that.

However the most shocking revelation of all came from the gaffer himself during the post match conference. “The M-League is not football,” said B Sathianathan. No, we are not shocked with the statement ‘M-League is not football’, because we already knew that many years ago. What is shocking to us is why on earth did Sathia wasted the media time during such conference to state the obvious fact?

That ‘M-League is not football’ is a well known fact, but the dying question is, what freaking sport is M-League attached to?

No one can give the definite answer. The Ministry attempted to conduct a study on this but then our scope of power is limited to only football matter. The fact that ‘M-League is not football’ means that it is beyond our ministerial jurisdiction.

So we shall leave that to the Ministry of Petanque, if there is any or to whatever Ministry dares to lay their claim on the M-League.

Meanwhile at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya, beacon of Malaysian football, the FA president has called for an executive council meeting on 31st January. According to FAM general secretary Azzuddin Ahmad, the exco would discuss the next course of action following the national team’s latest mortification.

“The FAM view seriously the performance of the national team and we are going to discuss all aspects, including regarding the coach and players,” said Azzuddin. The Ministry’s follow-up question on whether they would discuss the issue of poor administration by the FAM, however remain unheeded.

The FAM also declined to reveal what is on the menu that is going to be serve during the executive council meeting, but reliable sources indicate that it will be the usual ‘dining of the royalties’ and most of the executive council members are already salivating on such grandeur banquet.

We can only be in awe.

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  1. I agree with your opinions and facts. however I want to congratulate the national football coach (Sathia) for being bold enough to say that our leagues are not up to the standard. That is something new rather than before(When the team lose, Tengku Ahmad Shah expressed his regrets then the national coach was sacked and replaced; it keeps on turning to be like that)

    I hope that the rules of not permitting foreign player in our league will be withdrawn as it brought in many negative impacts and are not helping the field.

    Tumpang iklan jap ek!

    komen penggunaan bahasa melayu aku/ idea disini
    thx =)



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